Anyone wants to share the grokking the coding interview cost

Oracle dsabc
Feb 10 23 Comments

For the grokking the coding interview anyone / group of guys wants to share the cost and use it .

Shows up as $79 bucks not sure if it’s worth it ? Whoever has used it how do U feel ?


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  • Oracle / R&D lHEA77
    y'all got six digit TCs you can afford a $80 book. get outta here
    Feb 10 0
  • LinkedIn uiytu
    You are too cheap to get big pay bump. This course took my system design to whole another level and I mean it in a positive way. It was one of the reason but not the only one which boosted my tc by $100k. Believe me it's worth the investment.
    Feb 10 0
  • Apple wxGV41
    If you buy the book and it helps your career, what is 79 bucks?
    Feb 10 0
  • Google rubbishing
    Yeah. I bought it and my TC went up $90k!
    Feb 10 1
    • Im trying to go through the same problems on leetcode, but there’s a couple I can’t find. Would you mind sharing the descriptions of the missing ones with me?
      Jul 1
  • Google 588!+78
    100% would not have gotten an offer if I didn't use it. It's a great source of practice questions and increased my TC by 5x
    Feb 10 1
    • Glassdoor yyyyyyyyy
      Only 5x ? Are you sure it wasn't 1000x or a quadtrillion x's ?
      Lying is not your strong suite...
      Feb 11
  • American Express / Eng

    American Express Eng

    JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America
    Come on, it's 80 buchs for a return on 100-300k in TC in less than a year. What other investment instrument has that kind of roi?!
    Feb 10 0
  • $80 could mean a $50k to $300k+ jump in TC. The investment is well worth it.
    Feb 10 0
  • Oracle hitachi

    I find this to be a good free alternative.
    Feb 10 0
  • New IUOc04
    Dm me
    Feb 11 4
    • Gartner fetachz
      Are you still willing to share the costs?
      Mar 23
    • New <a/>
      I dm’ed you
      Mar 24
    • Gartner fetachz
      Messaged you back, don’t get notification form blind
      Mar 24
    • Can someone with the course dm me?
      Jul 1
  • Oracle dsabc
    Thanks will buy it
    Feb 10 4
    • Zillow Group Sr. Troll
      Please share on blind to avoid this duplicate post next month
      Feb 10
    • Are you willing to share?
      May 2
    • Did you buy it?
      Jul 1
    • Neurocrine gomv61
      Did you buy it?
      Jul 6
  • Oracle / Mgmt aiabc
    Found it all online
    May 2 2
    • Grokking the coding interview?
      Jul 1
    • Neurocrine gomv61
      Can you share the link?
      Jul 6