Anyone work for Yahoo? I found a glitch in the fantasy football app

Amazon Leroyjenki
Oct 6

PM me


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  • LinkedIn Zeiwkf5
    Yahoo.... not ringing a bell.
    Oct 60
  • Facebook public
    Only one?
    Oct 61
    • State Farm / Eng599
      Oct 6
  • Apple / EngApple Park
    Who the hell uses Yahoo anything these days? If it’s sports, it’s ESPN.
    Oct 60
  • Google topCon
    Yahoo. That $33/share from Balmer sure was nice
    Oct 62
  • awww thats so sweet... a bug?
    Oct 60
  • Starbucks qJxA27
    Ugh one of my leagues uses Yahoo. It’s absolute garbage. ESPN isn’t much better.
    Oct 60

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