Anyone working at Qualcomm, need some help!!

New / Eng vvpython
May 1 8 Comments

Hey everyone,

So I wanted to ask is I'm a new grad and I got a referral for couple of positions at Qualcomm. It's been a week and I have not heard back, Can anyone working there help me out?
Job was Software Engineering - Recent graduates


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  • Qualcomm dynasty001
    Doesnt matter dude. They receive tons of resumes for any position. I hve given out 400 referrals till now and i dont think anybody has gotten any response yet.

    General rule of thumb, for every 50 applications expect to hear back from atleast 1. The more yiu apply, the more your chances are .

    Best of Luck
    May 1 4
    • Qualcomm dynasty002
      400 referrals? Preparing for interviews while eating working dinner from other threads and promoting that as free food benefit, do you do any actual work?
      May 11
    • Qualcomm dynasty001
      Forgot to take your autism pills today boy ? 😂
      May 12
    • Qualcomm dynasty01
      Why insult others fat and bold guy? Oh, yeah you already lost 100 lbs and had hair transplant. Did it help with that girl you were going after? You're a loser and you know it 😂🤣
      May 25
    • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
      What ? Get back on them pills soon
      May 25
  • Amazon XIjQ36
    I thought Qualcomm was an easy target to get an offer from. You said you had no desire to work there, why would anyone help you out?
    May 3 1
    • New Python3
      Sometimes people don't have any choice.
      May 4
  • New / Eng vvpython
    Got it, Thank you for clarifying things.
    May 1 0