Apple FileMaker

Loomis Sayles / Eng 400Error
Feb 10 4 Comments

Any one have any idea about FileMaker subsidiary of Apple, how’s the work culture how’s the compensation package is it par with apple or totally different?


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Apple 88812122
    Not as good as other orgs
    Refresh is on lower end too.
    Feb 10 2
    • Loomis Sayles / Eng 400Error
      That sucks any idea what’s the compensation range for level ICT5
      Feb 10
    • Apple 88812122
      Dunno about ict5 but my comment was based on what i heard for ict3. Coming in as ict5 you must be aware of what level you are expected to contribute coz there are very few ict5s at apple. Ict4 band is huge
      Feb 10
  • Google Methane
    People still use that shit? I thought that shit died in like 1994.
    Feb 11 0