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New QNjhop
Nov 6 7 Comments

Hi, I'm interested in finding out more information about Apple Health, specifically for product. Are there cool projects to work on? How's the team culture? What's the WLB like?


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  • New VeoQ04
    From the people I know that work around the watch product for health as sde I can say only good things.
    Very nice people with decent wlb
    Nov 6 0
  • Illumina tech lead
    Let me know when they dive into genomics ! ;)
    Nov 7 1
  • Tivity Health FOOdBARbel
    Applied to Verily and Apple with great references. Not even a call. I am on a VISA
    Yesterday 0
  • Memorial Sloan ccm0327
    Wonder if they take on recent grads? With a bme/cs background, this sounds like an awesome opportunity
    Nov 7 0
  • Allergan BbWe53
    Interested in this one too! Also curious about who leads it and what the recruiting process is like. My experience/background is pretty spot on to what they’re doing and I got a referral but never heard a thing. Who knows maybe I’m delusional.
    Nov 7 0
  • Amgen abcd2047
    I don't see a lot of positions published. Is there some one from Apple Health, who can help
    Nov 7 0


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