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New gshdbd
Nov 7 7 Comments

received offers from Apple’s homekit group and Cruise automation. Cruise offer is higher than Apple if I include RSUs but Apple RSUs are liquid while Cruise isn’t. Cruise has more uncertainity in terms of future than Apple but the technology is good (likely open doors to other related robotics companies). On the other hand, Smarthome is still nascent and value is not proven as such except for Nest and Ring. Any thoughts from an industry perspective?


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  • Amazon FartBox
    YOE and TC for each?

    I interviewed with Cruise. They are mostly junior people with inflated titles. I would be wary if you are expecting to go in to learn anything. EMs there are super junior (1-2 YOE in management) and managing 20-40 person orgs so I’m not even sure they can help you grow.
    Nov 7 1
    • New gshdbd
      How come their technology is competing with Waymo? About 15 years of exp; TC: 300k
      Nov 7
  • Orion / Eng

    Orion Eng

    Qualcomm, Essential, Avegant, Nokia, Tata Communications, Reliance Industries
    I liked Cruise Automation Engineers when I interviewed there. They are knowledgeable, genuinely care about the product and are respectful. I have 15 YOE as well and I have spent a lot of them working with Apple Engineers as Partner, I don’t like that culture as much. I would pick Cruise despite the risk
    Nov 8 0
  • New deflow
    It's very hard to consider non-liquid RSU as anything can happen to the company... even post exit....

    And considering the next recession is round the corner?
    Nov 7 0
  • Lyft mnLj32
    Dude. Don't be silly. Take Apple over Cruise. Any of my friends that work there or people that I've interviewed that are there say that Cruise is a hot ass mess.

    Apple is solid, have their ducks in a row and will do wonders for your resume.
    Nov 8 1
    • New dsadf
      Mess is what way?
      Nov 9
  • New


    CS and data science student at Caltech
    Cruise sounds like it’s on a much more exciting trajectory. They have a few billion dollars in funding and are quite competitive in the self driving race, so I think the risk there is low
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