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VMware coke0sugar
Mar 21 14 Comments

Expecting an offer from Apple.
SW role, full stack eng
The interview feedback is "very positive" dose that mean I am above the expectation or just some recruiter bs?
Currently in VMware as Sr. MTS
TC 240
YOE 5yrs in the U.S. (4yrs before that - not India)

I am thinking a TC of 300 will make me very happy.
Is 300 TC for ICT4 within normal range?


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    'not in India' cracked me up
    Mar 21 0
  • VMware coke0sugar
    Also, how does Apple RSU refresher work?

    Assuming initial grant is 200k over 4 years.
    And annual refresher is 100k over 4 years
    Year 1:
    Year 2:
    50k + 25k
    Year 3:
    50k + 25k + 25k
    Year 4:
    50k + 25k + 25k + 25k
    Year 5:
    25k + 25k + 25k + 25k
    Year 6:
    25k + 25k + 25k + 25k

    and so on?
    Mar 21 2
    • Apple / Eng 200 lbs
      Yes, that's how they work.
      I think you can push RSUs to 250k max for ict4. Base - 180k, bonus 10-15%.
      Just ask for a bigger sign-on to break 300k in year 1. Starting from year 2, your refreshers would boost the TC to 300k as well.
      Mar 21
    • Apple TimAppl
      Refreshers are only 50%? Conservatively what about ICT3 refreshers and bonus?
      Mar 21
  • Apple TimAppl
    What’s MTS
    Mar 21 7
    • MathWorks p8Rz2u
      Nah, Senior MTS is usually equivalent to Senior SDE. So ICT4 sounds about right.
      Mar 21
    • Apple TimAppl
      In that case, your TC is about the same as ICT4 here at Apple.
      Mar 21
    • Apple TimAppl
      FYI I had the same recruiter BS lol
      Mar 21
    • VMware coke0sugar
      TimAppl are you saying 300k TC for ict4 is too much to ask?
      Mar 21
    • Apple TimAppl
      Possible. Usually 300k TC have 10 YoE. I’m just looking at data
      Mar 21
  • Microsoft UfzO38
    What was the final offer ?
    Sep 21 0
  • Apple / Eng

    Apple Eng

    Google, Netflix
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