Apple ICT4 offer Eval

Amazon gDDN71
Mar 15 13 Comments

Have offer with Apple at ICT4 level

Base 195k, RSU 350k, sign on 100k
Yoe 15+

Recruiter could not share target bonus (usually 10%). What should I expect for RSU refreshes say for meeting expectation? Is the overall offer good? This offer is post negotiation.


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TOP 13 Comments
  • Apple 1234567133
    Depends on your org. But I’ve got 130k for meeting expectations
    Mar 15 0
  • Apple lbtvitub1
    Wow thats a good package. You can grow in to the role and possibly shoot for ICT 5. Not sure why cant they bump you to ICT 5 to begin with. 15 years is a lot of experience.
    Mar 15 3
    • Amazon kdd2186
      Not sure. I did bring up with recruiter but he mentioned they cannot do ict5 because of budget reasons. I was not insisting on the level as much as on the TC.
      Mar 15
    • Apple lbtvitub1
      ICT4 is fine in that case. You will have room to grow. If I think about it now, If you come in as ICT5 then you will be there forever. :)
      Mar 15
    • Apple 1234567133
      Apple is big on refreshers hence the budget reasons? If you’re ict5 you’ll get a lot more refreshers
      Mar 15
  • Apple V0OYS04T
    @OP this is pretty amazing offer I ever seen for apple. Congrats!!

    For bonus, apple do not have target bonus structure it is free will on your manager and your performance
    Mar 15 0
  • Twitter Nofeedtrol
    HW or SW eng?
    Mar 15 0
  • Apple okbffvn
    This is a top offer. Especially sign on. Which team?
    Mar 15 0
  • Apple RcvW67
    It’s okay but you can get more RSU. Also don’t count on the bonus. If your manager doesn’t like you or turns up to be a bully, you won’t get any.
    Mar 28 1
    • Google PnbK68
      What is the refresher like? Same as bonus that if my manager doesn't like me or a bully, wouldn't get any refresher?
      May 22
  • VMware ItsAlrite
    OP, can you share any info about what BU it is for or what kind of work you'd be doing?

    And how was your interview experience? Any info on how to do well on apple's interview would also be very helpful
    Mar 15 0
  • Apple 867530nine
    Offer is great. Beats 95% of recent offers I’ve seen this year.
    Mar 15 0
  • Apple microBro
    Yup, this is top of the line offer.
    Mar 15 0


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