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Apr 10 7 Comments

I have been working at Apple for 5 years (HW .Org)
TC - 330k ( Base 180, RSU 120k/ year, 30k Bonus). I am comfortable in the current position. However, I don’t see opportunity to learn more or move into management track.

I am offered a position at Google ( Similar role as at Apple) with the following compensation:
Base: 200k, RSU: 520k over 4 years, Sign On: 50k, target bonus 35k.

I joined Apple after graduating from university. I am thinking to move to Google to shake things up a little, experience a different culture. The numbers from google are final as I don’t have any other offer.
I am wondering, if it’s advisable for HW engineer to move for from Apple to Google.


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Microsoft ncfj
    Go to Google. Advocate for bigger notches. That's what the people want
    Apr 10 0
  • Google Zarobe
    Man, I never see this kind of RSU for YOE, wild.
    Apr 10 0
  • Google bbell_curl
    5 year ICT4 is solid
    Apr 10 0
  • Google / Eng hank_moody
    Right if it is the initial GSU vesting over 4 years, that is fantastic. You will get equity refreshes every year too.
    Apr 10 0
  • Google / Eng hank_moody
    Come to Google😉 The offer for 5 years of experience looks pretty darn good.
    Apr 10 0
  • Nvidia monolith
    What kind of profile? ASIC or something else?
    Apr 10 0
  • Intel / Eng

    Intel Eng

    logic design Engineer. other interests photography, travelling, hiking, exotic food, tech. travelled 30+ countries and 7 continents.
    Its good to shake things up and get out of comfort zone
    Apr 10 0


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