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Apr 19 5 Comments

Hi guys! I got contacted by an Apple Recruiter to schedule a technical phone screen with one of their iCloud teams. Great. It says in the email:

"... iCloud Manager, and his team will call you at the number above. "

First question: is it normal for Apple to have a WHOLE team interviewing a candidate for a phone screen? LOL

Fews days ago, I got contacted by the same recruiter that another iCloud team wants to talk with me. This time, it's just with the manager.

So my second question is: IF I pass both phone screens, will I have 2 on-site interviews? or just 1?

Thanks in advance!!


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  • VMware halt&🔥
    I once had a onsite with iCloud team. 6 sessions and 2 people each. Took whole day and 12 people had interviewed me.
    Apr 20 0
  • Ask recruiter to clearly state what's planned.

    Most times,a regular full-day onsite happens with people from all the teams that are interested in you.

    Good luck!
    Apr 19 0
  • Cisco FXzH34
    No, you'll have a regular on-site with 5-7 interviews
    Apr 19 0
  • Apple sjera
    Which icloud team
    Apr 19 0
  • NetBrain Technologies studSigma
    It's better to just wait, give the phone screens, and if u clear them then think about it. What's the point in posting this here right now. To be honest, the answer is just a mail away to the recruiter.
    All the best for your interviews
    Apr 19 0


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