Apple Referral

TrueCar / Eng Twhh78
Aug 11 3 Comments

I’m interested in senior engineering opportunities at Apple. I have 7 YOE in backend and distributed systems in multiple languages and databases.

Any referral or help is appreciated, I will DM.


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Apple chuck777
    Does referral at Apple ever work? No one I referred ever got called I think. Although, no one really stood out in my eyes anyway as well, but still.
    Aug 11 2
    • Autodesk leetboba
      Ive had a few recruiters at apple send my resume to the hiring managers and recruiters for specific jobs, and I havent had much luck. Seems like the best way was getting my friend to give my resume to his manager there lol
      Aug 12
    • Apple chuck777
      Yeah, I mean if I directly give resume to some manager then it's different story. But I don't wanna go out of my way for most people.
      Aug 12