Apple TDG vs Cruise Automation

Wave Computing ai314
Nov 10 12 Comments

I recently interviewed at Apple TDG and Cruise Automation. Both roles are senior ML/DL engineer. I have PhD + 2 YOE. I received positive feedback from both and waiting for the offer details.

What should be my compensation expectation? How do Apple TDG work culture and career growth prospects compare against Cruise Automation? Please feel free to share any other suggestions and thoughts that might help me in decision making.


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Cruise Automation Yuca
    Save yourself by going to Apple
    Nov 10 2
    • Wave Computing ai314
      Could you please elaborate more? In what aspects Apple is a better option? Work? Work culture? Benefits? etc.
      Nov 10
    • Yelp bitbot
      Ping? @Yuca elaborate please
      Nov 25
  • Zillow Group gentle
    Push cruise to give you a good offer have apple beat/match it and then go to Apple.
    Nov 10 0
  • Apple megady
    Typical - use blind to get info but not provide info
    Nov 19 0
  • Tesla / R&D ujOi24
    Is TDG same as SPG?
    Nov 10 1
    • Apple ar@apple
      Sort of. There are multiple SPG’s at Apple. One of them is TDG. It’s just a nomenclature to highlights secret projects and differentiate orgs under different SVPs.
      Nov 10
  • Apple ar@apple
    Join Apple and you’ll appreciate the work being done at TDG. One of the most heavily invested groups at Apple. Great work culture, huge impact and rewards.
    Nov 10 1
    • Wave Computing ai314
      Thanks for your feedback. How is the cross functional team culture? Are the teams siloed or they collaborate across TDG?
      Nov 10
  • NVIDIA yiwm
    Which team you decided to join?
    Nov 18 0
  • New excelll
    What is TDG?
    Nov 14 1
    • Wave Computing ai314
      Technology development group
      Nov 14


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