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Chegg snt124
Jun 17 6 Comments

Anyone have insight into data science at apple? Are data scientists sql monkeys, ML, or combo? Does apple distinguish between the product analytics vs ML roles (i.e. Facebook data scientist analytics vs data scientist core; Google product analyst vs quantitative analyst/research scientist)

Also how is the comp for these roles?


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  • New / Data

    New Data

    Mu Sigma Inc.
    I believe Apple has a data scientist ( product analytics and NLP focused ) and a separate MLE position.
    Jun 17 0
  • Google userb2000
    I was an ml data scientist. L5 @ 290k tc. I got an above average rating after one year + 200k rsu refresher. Pay was comparable to that of swe. Now they also have mle positions which are closer to what I did work-wise. I studied more leetcode, then became a swe in google.
    Jun 17 4
    • Chegg snt124
      Ty. Any insight into product analytics roles for those who aren’t as technical / strong in ML?
      Jun 17
    • Apple industry
      What was your educational background?
      Jun 17
    • Google userb2000
      Sure we definitely had some more data sciency data scientists. (Not in my org, however).
      Jun 18
    • Google userb2000
      Edu background: PhD in signal processing, 5 years of eng in telecom industry, 6 years as a financial quant before apple.
      Jun 18