Apple hiring managers giving false hopes?

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Jun 20 4 Comments

Hey Apple co-workers, howdy? I recently had one of my friends get an Interview for Global Commodity Manager role but got turned down because he had lack of experience. He just had a call with recruiter and then the hiring manager, didn't make it to onsite. I wonder, why do Apple recruiters approach folks who do not have the required work experience. I mean you can see the resume and understand what experience they have and how long they have been working. So why set up a couple of phone calls and provide some hope when at the end you reject them for somthing that you can easily estimate from the resume? I have personally faced the same with Apple and so have some of my other friends, and this just doesn't make sense to me from a hiring perspective. moreover, it causes depression and frustration for the candidate


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  • Uber hgu378e
    Recruiters source candidates.

    Hiring managers approve who they talk to after looking at the resume. So it’s the hiring manager who decided to talk to you just in case maybe you fit the bill, but you didn’t. Thats just how it is.
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  • Marvell elkdead
    There was something interesting in resume which got HMs traction but not enough meat so didn't make it to next round, big deal?
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  • You need to think beyond yourself. You (your friend) may have relevant experience but the other 5+ candidates will also have relevant experience. It’s very possible other candidates were just a better fit, either technically or behaviorally. Managers and HR are making relative decisions, and you don’t have access to the data. It’s the binary world that you seem to see.
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  • Apple jjdht!:
    I’ve had this happen when approached by recruiter from MS twice before joining Apple, and once from G where after talking to the HM things didn’t click. I actually appreciate they stopped things then as opposed to FB where they took me to the on-site only to ask me totally unrelated thing (wrt by background) an tell me I wasn’t a good fit.

    Who gets they’re hopes up for a couple of phone calls these days really?
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