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Ericsson / Eng FriedFish1
Jan 27 3 Comments

I’m thinking about applying to Apple for some new grad iOS jobs once I graduate. I don’t have any formal experience with mobile development such as previous internships. But I do find it interesting and fun! Can any Apple folk talk about their experiences? Also, when you interview do you have to solve leetcode questions in swift/obj c? Or can I do it in java/python. Thanks everyone!


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  • Apple ijyA68
    If you are applying for an app development type job, you better know objective-c and swift inside and out. Java and Python won’t get you far.
    Jan 27 1
    • Ericsson / Eng FriedFish1
      Sounds good, thank you! I guess I should start doing leet code in swift 😜
      Jan 27
  • StubHub ogAq23
    You can skip swift probably, most teams are still heavily ObjC
    Jan 27 0


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