Apple lays off just over 200 from autonomous vehicle group (Project Titan)

Evernote bakbak🐔
Jan 24 14 Comments


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TOP 14 Comments
  • Zoox RWyx73
    Sounds like we’re getting some new hires.
    Jan 245
    • Apple iHateFruit
      I’m sure Zoox will be able to take advantage of their talents 🙂
      Jan 24
    • Hey Zoox how do you feel about your new CEO? 😅
      Jan 24
    • Apple iHateFruit
      Aicha is going to be great!
      Jan 24
    • Zoox is still relevant?
      Jan 24
    • Castlight Health Malotru
      What is a Zoox? Even my keyboard tries to autocorrect to Good 😂😂😅
      Feb 27
  • Microsoft ShouldI🧐
    I guess they didn’t see it coming
    Awww snap
    Jan 240
  • Apple iHateFruit
    I’m not surprised
    Jan 240
  • Apple Marijuana
    Many of the 200 are being re-assigned. These are not 200 lost jobs.
    Jan 242
    • Evernote bakbak🐔
      Thanks clarifying that! Any idea how many are actually not being reassigned?
      Jan 24
    • Aurora OkjQ51
      Chance to be reassigned, but they have to interview with potential teams. Lots of folks also actively looking outside of Apple.
      Feb 1
  • Apple AppleCar
    I am really proud of Apple for doing the reassignment
    Jan 240
  • OnDeck GPgj02
    Can I buy some Leetcode equity? 😂
    Mar 10
  • General Motors Li523f6
    Jan 240

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