Apple negotiation

New oeeL53
Sep 14 4 Comments

I’ve progressed to the final stages for apple but haven’t discussed my current or expected TC / level with the recruiter yet.

If I’m fortunate enough to receive an offer I’m wondering how the process will play out. If the onsite is successful will I be made an offer outright or will I be asked my TC / level expectations and then go from there?

Any tips or advice on how to put myself in the best position? FWIW I have pretty good TC already and am hoping to have at least 1 more offer soon, but want to work for apple


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TOP 4 Comments
  • New / Product pBas03
    If you pass interviews, you’ll be asked your expectations. Then back and forth negotiating. Then internal approvals. It’s not a quick process or at least was not for me.
    Sep 14 3
    • New oeeL53
      How long did the process end up taking for you?
      Sep 14
    • New / Product pBas03
      3 weeks. Aim high!
      Sep 14
    • Apple / Eng omgaapl
      You can base your expectations on objective things, not your current comp. A good response might be "I understand the average base is around 200k for ICT5, which is right in line with what I was thinking, as my Google recruiter has slotted me to the equivalent level and mentioned I should expect to be in the 200-215 base range".
      Sep 14