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CenturyLink imgodzilla
Feb 25 7 Comments

I’ve a apple 45 min phone screen coming up with the hiring manager (Siri team). What should I expect? I asked the recruiter but she did not gave a direct answer.

Do you have any past exp with apple HM that you could share? Questions they asked?
Thank you in advance!


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  • Pandora .
    I had interviewed with the Siri team very recently. HM asked me to find if a given number is prime or not apart from going over resume.

    After that there was a second in depth coding interview, few days later with someone on the team. Leetcode medium question he asked

    Siri is a big org. Do you know what part of siri org? Like Siri music, Siri search, Siri media ?
    Feb 25 4
    • CenturyLink imgodzilla
      Thank you for sharing it. Did he ask any job specific questions? (From the description/requirements) what question did they ask for second round? The position I applied to is Siri itself. Like Siri architecture and NLP, things like that are the part of the description.
      Feb 25
    • Pandora .
      No job specific ones. Just standard leetcode ones and current role. I don’t exactly remember the question in second round.
      Feb 26
    • Datto, Inc. / R&D Klokov_v2
      I was approached by a manager from the Siri Networking team due to my C++17 experience. I have to send him an email once I feel prepped for the phone screens, he said there will be two.

      Do you have any idea about this team? Thanks.
      Feb 26
    • Pandora .
      ^^ Nope
      Feb 27
  • Cisco ABGslayer
    From my experience, the hiring managers just go over your resume, explain the job and see if you read the job description
    Feb 25 1
    • CenturyLink imgodzilla
      That’s what I guessed because she mentioned next round would be technical. For this round she said study everything from algorithms to apple Siri functioning
      Feb 25


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