Apple shuttles from SF or Colma?

Glassdoor Lbdhdududb
Nov 17, 2018 5 Comments

How do you guys like the shuttles to Infinite Loop from SF or Colma?
How long does it take in average traffic day??
Can you get any work done in the shuttle?

I’m thinking of moving to Colma and potentially take a shuttle, is that a reasonable


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Citibank / Eng Slurpsurp
    The dead outnumber the living in colma. If you have no life then it’s a good move.
    Nov 17, 2018 1
    • Glassdoor Lbdhdududb
      Well, the apartment is right next to the BART station and shuttle stop, also all the cemetery’s are little further south, so technically it’s on the border of Daly City and Colma
      Nov 17, 2018
  • Hero Digital / Design ByeFelicia
    Commute from colma usually around 1.15h-1:30 to Apple Park. With transit 1:45-2h each way. I can’t work on the bus. I see a lot of people doing it. It’s comfortable if there’s nobody next to you. WiFi is iffy. Colma is a horrible place to live. There’s nothing there. So is Daly City.
    Nov 18, 2018 1
    • Apple TimHorton$
      WiFi is absolutely iffy. This is why I carry a WiFi card on the bus.
      Nov 19, 2018
  • Apple / Product Wootz
    I didn’t work at Apple Park so I was miserable with the coach commute from SF. Much better now that I moved and can easily commute by Caltrain.
    Nov 19, 2018 0