Apple streaming will it succeed?

Mar 22 4 Comments

What do you all think? Can it beat the coveted Netflix? What kind of content do they have anyways?


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  • No. With all the major media makers creating their own streaming services, and jealously hoarding their content to their own service, I see the pool of available content too limited to support more than a one or two other services. And I don’t think Apple will ramp up their original content offerings fast enough to seriously compete with Amazon/Netflix.
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  • Google LyLs67
    What is the product.. so far there is too little info to make any statement
    Mar 23 0
  • Netflix / Eng Narcos
    How is Apple's approach different from Amazon's? I don't see anything innovative or more attractive.
    Mar 22 0
  • Disney / Eng

    Disney Eng

    I've been known to RTFM.
    They have the partnerships, I'm just concered their controlling nature will rub creatives the wrong way. There was already a dust up over a crucifix shown in M. Night's series for Apple. It's a strange launch for a company so immersed in esthetic detail. It feels like a forced effort to me. We'll all decide which streaming service gets cut first, to make way for new entrants. Will you have to see it? Will you be compelled to subscribe?
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