Apple tried to buy Tesla at $240 per share in 2013

May 21 6 Comments


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  • Microsoft MSFTBRO
    I really hope Tesla makes it. They are the only reason other car manufacturers are making EV’s
    May 21 1
    • New sjrS68
      Bless your heart sweetie!!
      May 21
  • KPMG / Eng

    KPMG Eng

    KPMG US, MicroStrategy, Microsoft
    420... But not really
    May 21 0
  • Oracle vvundela10
    Doesn’t matter EV market is growing pretty huge in next 5-10 years. Even 2% market cap is pretty big enough
    May 21 0
  • Oracle vvundela10
    I see by Q3 tesla comes back in mid 250 range
    May 21 0