Apply H1-b under expired F1 visa but Valid OPT

Apple taro boba
Mar 13 5 Comments

I’m currently on my first year F-1 visa Opt and eligible for F1 STEM Opt. My F1 Visa is expiring this year. If I don’t get selected for H1-b this year, and plan to apply again next year, am I still eligible to apply if my F-1 visa expired but I’m still under STEM opt?

I’m thinking if I should travel to my home country this year to renew my F1 visa.

Current TC:150k


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  • Travelport / Eng buttnpushr
    The F1 expiration only matters for border entry
    Mar 13 2
    • Apple taro boba
      Ok, I was worried about it since I haven’t heard back from my attorney yet. My friend working in another company told me that their attorney told them they are not able to file for their H1-b next year if they have an expired F1 visa despite having valid STEM Opt.
      Mar 13
    • hwsidh
      Attorney always says NO if they don't know the answer as it's the easy way out.

      My wife applied on expired F1 Visa last year and everything went smoothly and she has her H1B stamped as well.
      Mar 13
  • Lending Club coding123
    You don’t need a valid F1 visa to apply h1b as long as you have valid status
    Mar 13 0
  • Wells Fargo / IT aggie
    Lol that attorney needs to stop giving advice.
    Visa is an entry document. For a F-1 student, status is important not visa. You'll only need the visa for re-entry
    Mar 13 0