Applying to DeepMind vs Google

Microsoft wbYt28
Sep 5, 2018 3 Comments

I'm considering a move to London. Are applications to DeepMind and Google unified in some way, or are they independent? If the latter - are there key differences in the application and interview process that one should be aware of? Thanks.


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  • Google Samod
    They have different interview procedures in DM and Google. Key difference that Google is focused on general cognitive ability, hiring beyond the role you are applying for, leadership and googleyness. DM is way more focused on the knowledge you have for the specific role you are applying for. Their culture is also different, more research focused and one could say more academia like. So they will be looking for a culture match there as well. I interviewed for DM and was told that they are worried that coming from Google I would be too focused on metrics/shipping fast. Didn't get the job.
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  • Google Clck58
    They’re independent. I haven’t interviewed with DM, so I can’t speak about the latter part.
    Pro-tip: ask the recruiter about how long DM employment contracts are. Also, note the differences between at-will employment and UK labor laws.
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  • Salesforce


    I am blind to something and you are too.
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