Approx how much money you end up spending in a year per category?

Google superpower
Sep 9 23 Comments

Utility bills
Car maintenance

how much percentage of income is it?

(Tagged the following companies just because how big their employee count is)


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  • Uber WoKH26
    If you live in the bay rent is fuckin you over. NIMBY’s who block development have created a dynamic where 1/8 dollars that are invested into tech ultimately wind up in the hands of landlords who don’t invent, innovate, or build shit. -abolish prop 13, upzone everything.
    Sep 9 8
    • Uber WoKH26
      What can i do to get it up all the way? A list of ways in which prop 13 is just rent control for old people? An essay on how a Land Value Tax is the least regressive tax and should replace property and sales tax? Maybe an op-ed on how tech RSU’s are an example of mutualism in action?
      Sep 10
    • Amazon / Eng SmkWdEvyDy
      Sep 10
    • Uber WoKH26
      Maybe an article on how half of the ppl inheritng homes in St Francis Wood & Pac Heights couldnt afford rent in The tenderloin at current market rates?
      Sep 10
    • Uber WoKH26
      In other words: fuck the landed gentry, the wealth ought to belong to those who create it. - read Henry George (at one point the most famous U.S. economist, and a former SF resident)
      Sep 10
    • Preach
      Sep 10
  • Amazon / Eng SmkWdEvyDy
    Rent: Tree fiddy
    Vacation: 🌲fiddy
    Utility bills: Three fifty
    Internet: 🌳50
    Phone: €3.50
    Restaurant: £3.50
    Transportation: $3.50
    Car maintenance: Free fiddy
    Food: 🌴 50

    how much percentage of income is it?

    Sep 9 0
  • Cisco data.eng2
    Mortgage 51k
    Vacation ~12k
    Bills ~10k (includes internet phone credit cards etc)
    Restaurant / bars ~ 12k
    Cars ~ 15k (includes maintenance)
    Groceries ~ 12k (includes other misc shit from target and Costco etc)

    Combined Tc 400+; used to use tax return for property taxes but that doesn’t exist anymore :(

    Gtfo on those people saying to save more in advance - live a fucking little
    Sep 9 6
    • What cars do you own ?
      Sep 9
    • Amazon göktürk
      ur wife make more than u?
      Sep 9
    • Cisco data.eng2
      Q8 and 430 GC; thx 911s; gok depends on stock appreciation but 95% no
      Sep 9
    • Microsoft / Eng

      Microsoft Eng

      You aren’t spending enough!
      Mortgage $60k (two homes)
      Vacation $10k
      Eating out $6k
      Cars - paid off (live 5 miles from work)
      Groceries $8k
      Shopping $20k
      Sep 10
    • Cisco data.eng2
      Didn’t include shopping it’s up there!
      Sep 10
  • Snapchat VeNu64
    Rent $4k
    Vacation $300
    Utility bills $1k
    Internet $500
    Phone $200
    Restaurant $1k
    Transportation $1k
    Car maintenance $2k
    Food $1k

    Based on past year, TC 200k, not located in CA
    Sep 10 3
    • Kabbage / Data fxnM15
      How do you spend only $4k in rent? Living at parents or what?
      Sep 10
    • Snapchat VeNu64
      It’s a 2 bedroom, ~800 sq ft, apartment in my small town. It’s actually $4.4k, these numbers are rounded. I’m renting from the unit’s owner and I cover the condo fees separately. There are many empty and abandoned properties in my town so they go for cheap.
      Sep 10
    • Cisco data.eng2
      $300 vacation a year wow... get a hobby
      Sep 10
  • Google o
    Mortgage: $42k
    Food/dates: $10k
    Utilities: $2k
    Home upkeep: $10k
    Shopping: $6k
    Travel: $6k

    Work TC: $230k
    Other income (rent, etc): $50k
    Sep 10 0
  • Gen!x / Eng

    Gen!x Eng

    startups, JPMorgan Chase
    A lot
    Sep 10 0


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