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Nov 12, 2018 11 Comments

I'm exploring an opportunity (software engineer) with this company called Arcesium. They are a D E Shaw spinoff with 700 people but I haven't heard of them and neither has anyone else. They make post trade systems. The recruiter claims they have a hedge fund like pay structure with quickly increasing comp, and first year competitive with FANG.

Anyone know anything about these guys? How do they compare to FANG type companies?


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  • Amazon qwnh28
    I've worked there for over a year. I can say for sure the pay and culture is great. In terms of work, if you'll be working out of New York, you'll basically be calling the shots for all the work to be done in the Hyderabad office. If you're in the Hyderabad office, you will have a few Mid-Level managers through which you'll get your work relayed. They also send people to the NY office every year.

    For actual work - it's mostly Java, sometimes Python. Lot of smart and talented people there. Personally did not feel the work was challenging in my team and I was unable to get a transfer to another team (due to manager politics) so I quit.

    Edit: Also wanted to add that they have a lot of legacy Perl code from D E Shaw that sometimes still need to be used/developed or converted to Java. On the database side, when I was there it was mostly SQLServer but I know some teams were experimenting with Open source technologies like MongoDB and Postgre. For frontent I don't recall there being a specific stack, mostly a bunch of people constantly debating between different frontend frameworks and everyone doing what they wanted, but a lot of React for sure.

    Edit2: Average yearly salary increment is around 15-20% or more depending on performance, and there is a separate performance bonus as well.
    Nov 12, 2018 8
    • PNC NCmQ78
      Can you plz post some numbers for India office.
      Jan 4
    • Samsung / Eng lordvaders
      Hi qwnh28,
      Which one would you say is better for entry level position among Amazon and Arcesium?
      I have offers from both, and though Arcesium is paying more, I would prefer the company in which I would be having more learning.
      Jan 8
    • PNC NCmQ78
      Lordvaders : been there and chose Amazon,learning and brand value is great with Amazon and knowledge is easily transferred to other sde roles in other companies.Choose Amazon for faster learning, brand and abroad opportunities.Choose Arcesium if you have no thought of moving abroad and want a relaxed life is still comparable among both is what I feel since I have not heard from any Arcesium folks projecting an extremely outlier compensation.
      Jan 8
    • Samsung / Eng lordvaders
      Thanks NCmQ78 for the detailed response.

      In one of the other threads I saw your are moving to Arcesium from Amazon. Is there any specific reason for it?
      Jan 8
    • PNC NCmQ78
      I cleared all the rounds as a practise before trying out G and FB and wanted to check about compensation on offer .So,I am not actively thinking of a change,but if comp is too good,I will certainly give a thought.will keep you updated post the offer.Do you mind sharing the fresher offer for Arcesium for context??
      Jan 8
  • New boffin
    For context, this is in NYC. I heard FANG pay in India isn't spectacular, but wonder how much this comparison depends on location.
    Nov 15, 2018 0
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Nokia, Motorola
    My friend started working at D E Shaw 12 years ago at Hyderabad (India). After spin off he joined Arcesium.

    I can tell you that he is paid really really well. Equal (if not much more than) FANG.

    It is a finance tech company. I don't know much details about work though.
    Nov 12, 2018 0