Are chances of a H1b RFE high if USCIS has not given an approval within 10-11 calendar days

Sprint mack2687
Aug 2 15 Comments

h1b transfer filed in Premium. its been 11 calendar days and no response yet. Are chances of RFE higher now than before? any recent examples of H1 approval on Day 14-15?


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  • Microsoft


    I write code that always work on my box!
    Stop overthinking and get back to work!
    Aug 2 1
    • Peapod Digital Labs eVWi56
      Aug 2
  • Apple net worth
    Only if contractor at client site do you need to worry about denial. Approval rates are close to 100% for full time roles
    Aug 2 1
    • Sprint mm287
      Mine is full time. Wage level 4 the only concern is occupation title of Sales Engineers (Product Management role). I have heard RFEs are common even for clean cut cases
      Aug 2
  • HighRadius / Sales ryangoslin
    Do you know the RFE reason? My H1 got applied on Friday with the same SOC code.
    Aug 11 1
    • Sprint rfe555
      Yes, it is Speciality Occupation. USCIS is challenging that the job responsibilities stated in the application are VAGUE and do not necessarily convey why a bachelors degree in a specialized field is needed. My employers have to now file a detailed job duties breakdown that justifies a need for a bachelors in the specific specialized field that they are asking for and additional evidence like their past hiring trends etc. Hopefully your employer has filed a very well defined and detailed job description from the onset. Also the job description needs to align very clearly with the bachelors specialization that they are asking for.

      My new employer is not very seasoned at filing H1s but I was surprised that the Lawyers went through with such a basic job description in the initial filing in spite of knowing the current scrutiny very well. Now they have just unnecessarily made everyone’s job difficult.
      Aug 12
  • Sprint mm287
    USCIS website says RFE was sent :(
    Aug 3 1
    • Expedia Group / Eng miserable
      Sorry to hear that.. hopefully it's for minor reason that the lawyers can take care of soon. Good luck 👍
      Aug 3
  • Apple majong
    No correlation between processing time and decision.
    Why are you worried about RFE?
    Aug 2 1
    • Sprint mm287
      Thanks for your response. I am observing people at amazon and google getting RFEs so just nervous. I was of the understanding direct employments at wage level 4 are safe but it does not seem to be the case
      Aug 2
  • Apple Kusygevdbd
    All d best - keep us posted 👍
    Aug 2 0
  • BusPatrol / Eng blindcants
    Idk they sent mine on a Thursday and it was approved by Monday
    Aug 2 0
  • Salesforce DREAMkid
    No. They took 14 days for me.
    Aug 2 0
  • Peapod Digital Labs eVWi56
    No correlation.
    Aug 2 0
  • Grainger / IT holyGhost
    Aug 2 0