Are layoffs on the horizon @Zaplabs, Emeryville?

ZapLabs bIqH16
Jan 7 11 Comments

Three VPs(Engineering, Infrastructure and Marketing) resigned last Fri. Rumor is that they were asked to lower performance ratings of many folks in their report chain before performance bonus is due in March. Reportedly they disagreed with such an unethical step and decided to move on.


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  • ZapLabs hqE92l7
    Sudden exit of CEO today and presence of an HR in replacement oversight committee is indicative of upcoming layoffs. Absence of roadmap for product and engineering for FY 2019 and representation of product operations and data in oversight committee further suggest that product is likely to go in maintenance mode and only few are required for continued support. Engineering and product seem easy riddance.
    Jan 7 1
    • ZapLabs / Design OiYn05
      Agree 1000%. Writing was on the wall. Layoffs began today.
      Jan 30
  • ZapLabs Z0003
    But haven’t they been voted as one of the world’s most ethical companies? 🤭 *gasp*
    Feb 9 0
  • ZapLabs Z0003
    Sounds very unethical. Any idea if the three VPs were asked to lower performance ratings by ZapLabs or by parent company?
    Feb 1 1
    • ZapLabs 5xfa7c
      By parent company
      Feb 8
  • ZapLabs tIYC08
    Almost all of the above. All of product including managers and researchers, only some engineering, and marketing.
    Jun 11 0
  • ZapLabs zipped
    Who are impacted? Engineering, Product, Marketing?
    Jun 11 0
  • ZapLabs tIYC08
    Jun 11 0
  • ZapLabs tIYC08
    Goodbye everyone! More layoffs today
    Jun 11 0
  • CrowdStrike QTsq72
    There hasnt been that many layoffs I heard maybe 8 or so. But i heard like 40 people have left on there own... any trueth to this?
    May 9 0
  • New gupi999
    Seems like all the VPs joined Plantt! 🤔
    Is the layoff still going on? Around how many people and from which departments were asked to leave?
    Feb 19 0

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