Are layoffs on the horizon @Zaplabs, Emeryville?

ZapLabs bIqH16
Jan 7

Three VPs(Engineering, Infrastructure and Marketing) resigned last Fri. Rumor is that they were asked to lower performance ratings of many folks in their report chain before performance bonus is due in March. Reportedly they disagreed with such an unethical step and decided to move on.


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  • ZapLabs MGcJ58
    Wow..Realogy calls itself the world's most ethical company. This, if true, I am sure is unethical-forcing performance managers to report poor performance, even if that's not the case
  • ZapLabs hqE92l7
    Sudden exit of CEO today and presence of an HR in replacement oversight committee is indicative of upcoming layoffs. Absence of roadmap for product and engineering for FY 2019 and representation of product operations and data in oversight committee further suggest that product is likely to go in maintenance mode and only few are required for continued support. Engineering and product seem easy riddance.
    Jan 70

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