Are program managers and product managers role different at Apple?

Amazon uma20
Jun 13 4 Comments

i see a job posting with title sr program manager and job description says program and product management. does apple have product manager role differet from program management?


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TOP 4 Comments
  • There is no product manager role at apple. It’s either program manager or product marketing manager.
    Jun 13 3
    • Amazon uma20
      Thx much. what to expect in a program manager role. Is it similar to product maanger role in other companies: product definition/ vision or focus on execution. also is there a way to find job level before interviewing?
      Jun 13
    • Apple wos8
      Wrong. There is a product manager role at Apple. Just gotta know where to look
      Jun 13
    • Nutanix / Eng gxbhsekmsa
      Yes there are Product Manager roles at Apple lmao. Maybe there not getting thrown around but they definitely exist lol.
      Jun 14