Are social media sites about to be regulated?

Microsoft MSFTBRO
May 15 7 Comments


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  • BluVector sparked
    Facebook wants to be regulated. The second the industry becomes regulated it solidifies facebook’s monopoly. You think Zuckerberg keeps asking for more regulation and rules out of some sense of greater good?
    May 15 1
    • Microsoft M💰FT
      They want to self regulate, not be regulated.
      May 16
  • Google nOfM55
    There is no meaningful regulation that will get the support of both Trump and the Democratic House. Both want regulation, but of completely different things and are both pretty opposed to what the other side wants.

    But come January 2021, we all better duck and cover
    May 15 2
    • Microsoft M💰FT
      I think both unilaterally dislike Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, so you would be surprised.
      May 16
    • Google nOfM55
      They do but for different reasons. Trump thinks fb discriminates unfairly against conservative viewpoints. An attempt to block this would be seen by the left as protecting hate speech, bullying, etc. It would not gain support. The left is concerned about privacy and market domination and Republicans care little about this and would generally oppose such regulations on principle.

      Both sides would love to "regulate Facebook" but will not be able to agree on what to regulate. When Zuckerberg testified before Congress none of the Democratic complaints related in any way to any of the Republican complaints.
      May 16
  • Microsoft / Eng AzureOrDie
    Can we call ourselves China yet?
    May 15 0
  • Facebook realSmShdy
    This is an easy way to get a huge mailing list. The survey site isn't even a .gov
    May 16 0