Are things still shitty at Cruise?



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Jun 10 6 Comments

Heard a ton of negative feedback before about joining Cruise. What's the deal now? Is it still horrible there?

They hired top notch people across the board. Any insights?


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    Looks like they're still alive...

    Three new FAKE 5-star reviews added just yesterday on Glassdoor.
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  • Meetup oFkV17
    It’s important to remember that Blind attracts pissed-off people. You don’t go to an anonymous chat app to tell the world how wonderful everything is.
    Jun 10 0
  • SAP johndoe
    I was literally wondering the same over the last few days. My on-site impression was rather good, but the glassdoor and blind reviews spurred a lot of doubts. What gave me eventually some confidence is talking to a friend of a friend who actually works there in the AV area. He and his colleagues were actually aware of the reviews but he said he really can't understand where they're coming from as he's having a really good time there and he is also really optimistic about their tech (relative to competition). The only thing he admitted is that they're a bit "chaotic" in the sense that they don't make big plans and if they do they pivot often once they figure something doesn't work as expected, but that he personally likes this agility. I think at the end cruise is still somewhat a research project so it's naturally that not everything is well planned or predictable. My hypothesis is that at least some of the bad reviews are coming from folks who worked before at a mature FANG or other large companies and were simply used to much more structure and planning.
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  • Cruise Automation powergrab
    Yes things are still extremely shitty. Culture starts at the top and shit ain’t changing for a while.
    Jul 20 1
    • Meetup 92xms5
      What is shitty about it?
      Jul 20
  • New tapR56
    which cruise you going to?
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