Are you burned out? I was too.

New QGjO27

All the recent news about burnout has really resonated with my own experience. After taking some time off, building a consistent exercise routine, and improving my sleep/diet, I feel like I'm back on track.

I want to help others experiencing burnout, and I'd like to start by having a conversation. If you've experienced burnout, and are willing to participate in a research interview - find time to chat with me:


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  • Expedia vSiC12
    +1 still working on getting out of feeling burnt out. Feel like I can sleep forever 😴
  • New Marion
    I’m a full time student and intern—if I don’t prioritize leading a healthy lifestyle, or if I fail to manage my time well, I definitely run a risk of burning out.

    Fortunately, I’m feeling good. I’ve found a good work-life balance. I’m making time for friends, and I work out regularly. It requires discipline, but it’s well worth it.
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  • New stuY15
    My bank account is getting burned out from all the dollars that are sliding into it. As I was typing this about $1.50 squeezed in there

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