Are you planning to interview for Uber ?

Uber 2929zn
Jun 3 18 Comments

Why / Why not ?
Which other companies are you considering ?


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  • Amazon PT Cruiser
    Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?
    Jun 3 0
  • Twitter bad๐Ÿฅ’
    Reading this hurts me brain.
    Jun 3 0
  • Google watchfb
    Did for competing offers but alas Uber is no longer offers competitive compensation.
    Jun 3 3
    • Facebook dhjdnxnsms
      Jun 3
    • Twitter handoff
      I am seeing in other thread that L5 band is 600K. Other companies paying more?
      Jun 3
    • Google watchfb
      Lol. No. L5 is not 600k as well.
      Jun 3
  • New / Eng __python3
    Sure, if they notice my application or someone can provide a referral.
    Jun 3 0
  • Gap / Eng randUser
    No because they never respond to my applications ๐Ÿ˜“
    Jun 3 0
  • Uber / Eng

    Uber Eng

    Capital One
    Ugh OP I'm embarrassed to call you a fellow coworker
    Jun 3 0
  • Microsoft YsTJ07
    I interviewed for Uber just to get offer leverage and Amazon actually offered me more than Uber...
    Jun 3 1
    • Twitter handoff
      Can you share TC and level?
      Jun 3
  • Facebook


    Yes, to get a competing offer.
    Jun 3 0
  • Honeywell wellHoney
    OP, I hope youโ€™ve learned your lesson. Itโ€™s not faster, and it makes you sound like an idiot. Please donโ€™t do it again.
    Jun 3 0
  • FileMaker / IT Hawas
    I want to but not getting any calls from uber ... can someone refer me please โ˜บ๏ธ
    Jun 3 0
  • Zillow Group โ—•_โ—•
    Jun 3 0
  • LinkedIn / Eng flock
    Maybe next year.
    Jun 3 0
  • Chase yst
    Why put space before ?
    Jun 3 0
  • New


    Tesla Motors
    Because I'm already losing my language skills.
    Jun 3 0