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Palo Alto Networks fas12345
Oct 16 22 Comments

Last week I interviewed at Argo AI. I thought it went perfect. I was surptised snd really bummed when the feedback was “we have decided not to pursue things further”. What really gets me is I nailed the interview! Just venting here....

I suppose there is someone with the same gripes who just interviewed at my company too.

But still.... so dissapointed!!!


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  • eBay / Product SSGSSkriln
    Probably because you didn’t share TC.
    Oct 16 1
    • Uber oojj(($?$
      Share tc in blind or to the company ? Reason I am asking later is still possible
      Oct 16
  • Palo Alto Networks fas12345
    OP here. Well Palo Alto would have been a lousy commute anyway.
    Oct 16 1
    • Adobe fngstained
      This has to be the most unfortunate juxtaposition of company name and post content on Blind.
      Oct 16
  • Interviews are not only about technical or cultural fit. If you hurt (even unintentionally) other people’s interests they will reject you. I have seen this happen tons of times where candidates get rejected because they are better than current interviewers and they feel threatened, they want more people from their culture, you take too much money out of their pool, etc. The opposite is true as well... if you are useful for someone’s interests, they will fight for you
    Oct 16 0
  • Tesla ashcid
    Haha ArgoAI has some of the worst recruiters. Went through an interview for embedded software with them. Interview went perfectly and I know it did. Have given enough interviews to know how to gauge my performance well. Recruiter doesn’t get back to me for 10 days and I didn’t bother to either cause I wasn’t interested in going there anyway.

    After 10 days he sends me a rude email saying “We've had stronger candidates coming through and will be passing at this time.” Like who the fuck says that. You’d rather just say we will not be moving forward or something like that.

    Just fyi before you judge me I got offers from 3 of the FANG companies and other top tier startups, going to one of F/G.
    Oct 17 2
    • Uber llokjhgfd
      Cool! Morale booster !
      Oct 18
    • Lyft tdoa27-DA
      Sounds like they dodged a bullet in you there.
      Nov 6
  • Adobe fngstained
    Nope, no one who interviewed at your company has the same gripes.
    Oct 16 0
  • Adobe / R&D Spidey™🕸️
    Culture fit
    Oct 16 0
  • Argo AI Arrrrgo
    Sorry man 😟. It’s gotten extremely competitive to get in here since the VW deal, we’ve got an unprecedented amount of applications for each role.
    Oct 18 3
  • Square ygkotsf
    Probably because it’s a front for the CIA. Did they tell you “Argo fuck yourself”?
    Oct 16 2
  • Argo AI iODE41
    Which position was it for?
    Oct 17 1
    • Palo Alto Networks fas12345
      Embedded software
      Oct 17
  • Rockwell Collins cscY72
    What did they ask in the interviews? (If you didnt sign a NDA)
    Oct 16 1
    • Palo Alto Networks fas12345
      You can DM if you really want to know.
      Oct 16
  • Apple Azrael3
    If I had $100 for every failed candidate who thought they nailed their interview... I can retire today (I’d myself have to pay a few hundred as well 😜)
    Oct 16 0


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