Arista telling the truth about Azure’s non growth and Satya’s financial engineering

Microsoft susla
Nov 1 16 Comments

Arista has been telling the world how Azure and Microsoft are not growing. The spend on new orders is significantly lower for many quarters and JEDI is not gonna make material difference. Satya for all his financial engineering of the stock price cant save Microsoft’s partners business and the truth about Azure will tumble out from more partners. VMware already has given up on the Azure joke. The partners need to cut their losses...


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  • Microsoft tempula
    What about Azure standalone revenue and profit? Can we get the truth and separate O365, Windows , SQL revenues from Azure to tell the truth?
    Arista is the largest and primary networking provider for Azure. If they don’t see business from Microsoft then what Satya and his stooges tell us does not add up.
    Nov 1 1
  • DXC Technology zuckIt
    James Philips from Microsoft just announced that their azure data centers are larger than both Google and AWS combined.
    Nov 1 4
    • Travelport buttnpushr
      Nov 1
    • Travelport buttnpushr
      Not a sketch announcement at all
      Nov 1
    • World Wide Technology Bombus
      BS claim, how does he know the size of the Google and AWS data centers?
      Nov 6
    • DXC Technology zuckIt
      No clue. It was in his key note speech at Microsoft Ignite conference
      Nov 6
  • Dell LUHV04
    So what You are saying is - Microsoft azure growth is BS ?
    Nov 1 1
    • Microsoft tempula
      Looks like it
      Nov 1
  • Microsoft tackywacky
    Cisco earnings call today confirmed enterprise spending is way down and no $$ to burn on IT forget spending $$ and resources on cloud by enterprises. The only workload or services in cloud are using free credits and the cloud bubble is made up of massive stock buyback, offshore asset liquidation, targeted layoffs, low hikes and benefits cuts, count non cloud revenues as cloud.....
    Nov 13 3
    • F5 Networks .build
      How's Cisco's system sales being down an indicator of low spending on Cloud?

      Aren't these two inversely correlated: Enterprise IT spend on traditional network hardware vs Enterprise spending on cloud
      Nov 13
    • Dell LUHV04
      Agree with this - private and public data center businesses are inverses if each other
      Nov 14
    • Microsoft mambajamb
      Enterprise spending is down to a crawl. If there is no IT budget then $$ to spend on cloud migration and refactoring apps goes out of the window. If cloud migration is out of question and cloud is not growing then suppliers like Arista for Azure start to hurt. The last several quarters earnings call this has been the trend. So what the cloud players seem to be tellling the world about growth does not add up to what the supplier is saying.
      Nov 14
  • Microsoft moonshott
    Definite slowdown but mainstream paid media does not want to talk about it yet.
    Nov 21 0
  • Cognizant hard-itch
    Azure is growing. I am seeing Azure’s popularity more than ever. My take from given url .... some sort of guidance to Arista was improper.
    Nov 4 0
  • VMware brosky
    How so?
    Nov 1 0


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