Articles/Video/Tips for Salary Negotiation

Oath NerdyGirl
Apr 9 6 Comments

Can anyone recommend Articles/Video/Tips for Salary Negotiation? Only 1 offer.

TC: $150K
Expected New TC: $225K
Company: Salesforce


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  • New / Eng zzzzzz-ZZ
    1. haseeb q salary negotiation
    2. kalzemeus salary negotiation
    Apr 9 0
  • Microsoft 73728
    Google FBI hostage negotiator salary negotiation. The book title is never settle or something like that.
    Apr 9 0
  • Pro tip: donโ€™t take the job if they wonโ€™t pay what you want. Thatโ€™s your best leverage. If they need you theyโ€™ll pay you what you want.
    Apr 9 0
  • New / Eng zzzzzz-ZZ
    Pro Tip: Get more offers
    Apr 9 0
    Art of deal
    Apr 9 0
  • Amazon / Eng DeepObsess
    Just tell them the number that will make you accept the offer immediately
    Apr 9 0