Asking for a friend MS industry hire

Mar 14 10 Comments

L63 - 140 base no sign in bonus stock 25k/5 years. Seattle. 5k relocation. 9 years exp. Any feedback is appreciated!


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  • Microsoft andridbe
    EDIT: My response below was for Software Engineer role. I do not have much data on Support Engineering roles.

    Base - low. Standard is 150-165.
    Sign in bonus - low. 20-50K is typical.
    On hire stock - sucks for experienced hires but 25K for 63 is too low. Ask for 50-70K min. 150-200K is doable if you have competitive offers from tier 1 companies.
    Mar 140
  • Amazon wnxK3y
    This seems really low for L63... Especially with no sign on bonus. Don't new grads get 100k of stock also?
    Mar 140
  • CLEAResult / ITIMO1
    Sorry this is in support engineering space. 9 years exp.
    Mar 141
  • Amazon Wookiee
    Seems low, my friend started at MS as a 62 at $140k, PM 2, with, 30k signing bonus, 60k stock and that was 3 years ago. (But she was a vendor with the group for 2 years before the fte offer)
    Mar 150
  • Microsoft / EngSenoritaWE
    Support Engineer is not Software Engineer so the salary won’t be the same. I think someone mentioned they received $200k stock for level 63 Software Engineer.
    Mar 140
  • Facebook / Engcijre
    Wow. Microsoft Senior pays same as FB new grad! No wonder Microsoft principal is the new Senior
    Mar 140
  • Cisco XcYthaeL
    How many years experience? Base seems high for a new grad
    Mar 142
    • Microsoft andridbe
      New grads get 59 or 60. 61 in best case. 63 is Senior SE.
      Mar 14
    • CLEAResult / ITIMO1
      Sorry I could have been specific she has 9 y.o.e
      Mar 14

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