New / Creativeyarmulke
Mar 2

Have any of you been diagnosed with Aspergers as an adult? What were some of the indications that you should get tested?


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  • New / Engsparked
    Signs: you play runescape

    That’s all I’ve got, sorry
    Mar 24
    • New / Creativeyarmulke
      Lmao 🤭 I love RuneScape
      Mar 2
    • Me too
      Mar 2
    • How does runescape come in with aspergers ?
      Mar 2
    • RuneScape 😍 I’m playing now because of you. Thanks.
      Mar 2
  • Magic Leap WFOF81
    TC > 50K
    Mar 21
    • Bloomberg iVX372
      Since the median US wage is around $50k, this implies that roughly half of US workers have Aspberger's
      Mar 2
  • Amazon RBMY63
    Asperger’s is no longer a clinical diagnosis. The autism spectrum covers all levels of functionality.

    I have not been diagnosed as it is much harder in adults, and any quiz/questionnaire is easy to break if you pay attention at all. I most likely have high-functioning autism, though, most apparent in social awareness.
    Mar 21
  • Reddit nononoyes
    Have you done the needful?
    Mar 20

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