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New / Sales frisak2020
Jul 22 5 Comments

What’s the average salary for a Assistant Sales Director in Miami?


1) CPG industry, medium size company that makes 250 million per year.

2) I’m 24 years old, 1 year of experience as AR Analyst (Accounting) at the same company, got promoted to Assistant Sales Director.

3) If I want to make more money, how much time should I stay at my current company before spplying for new jobs? (Salary estructure at corporate level is not good)

Thank you


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  • Atlassian d@t_person
    Feel like u are on the wrong forum
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  • Microsoft Jeph Bezos
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  • American Express / Strategy newbie19
    This is almost cute
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  • New / Sales

    New Sales

    Juniper Networks
    Wow, super friendly here. Congratulations on the promotion. As a 24 yo ASD, I'd pay you no more than 20-30% over your last position until you prove you can do the job. Fully up to speed, $100k base + commission. You can do really well in CPG, but they are not known for treating people well since margins are tight.
    Jul 23 1