At what point at night do you say "screw it I'm staying up all night?"

FINRA pawntod4
Jun 23 6 Comments

When is the risk of oversleeping too much?



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  • Amazon / Eng desudesu
    How could you possibly be saying fuck it at 3am?
    I hardly ever fall asleep before 2am
    Jun 23 1
    • Salesforce Go-diva
      What time do you wake up?
      Jun 23
  • Google / Eng Blame Ruth
    I sleep at 11pm-midnight, awake at 6-7am. Always been an early bird. Not been up till 3am since college, and no idea why one would willingly do that to themselves. My body and mind can't handle it.

    TC 450k
    Jun 23 0
  • Pear Therapeutics prez.trump
    Fucking I'm having an episode of insomnia right now. Been tossing and turning for the past 6 hrs
    Jun 23 0
  • Microsoft / Eng Siracha N.
    I go to bed at 12:30 am. At 1:30 AM its either a sick day tomorrow or a sleeping pill if its an important work day.

    This 'no big issue' mentality helped get me over insomnia I use about 3 sick days and 10 pills year, down from 15/100, instead of spending all night anxious over it.

    Work stress is what keeps me up, so never had problems on weekends.
    Jun 23 0
  • Nvidia bitcoin20k
    First world teenager problems
    Jun 23 0