Atlassian interview : final step with hiring manager

Symantec IcUx02
Jul 1 5 Comments

I recently completed the onsite interviews with Atlassian and recruiter told me that the feedback is fairly positive and there were no red flags and now one hiring manager has shown interest in my profile. Recruiter has scheduled 30mins call with the hiring manager. What should i expect for this interview?


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  • Atlassian / Eng
    Luffy, M.D

    Atlassian Eng

    A prematurely grumpy somewhat old man
    Luffy, M.Dmore
    Expect it go be fairly informal and mostly team match stuff - some behavioral, some tech stack and specifics of past technical experience. A lot of it for you to ask questions.
    Jul 2 0
  • Atlassian 123s123
    This is for you, ask questions and get to know your manager. After that most likely you will get an offer
    Jul 2 0
  • Facebook bhha
    A few behavioral questions
    Jul 2 0
  • LinkedIn ushu
    How was the onsite like? What role did you interview for?
    Jul 2 0
  • LinkedIn nubody
    Ask your questions you want to know about the team and product. I heard they had great management
    Jul 1 0


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