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Symantec dzch87
Nov 15 17 Comments

I currently have two offers from public companies(offers are better than my current job at Symantec which got sold off to broadcom)

Austin, TX
Position: Sr Staff software engineer
Base: 148500
RSU: 20k
No signing bonus
15 percent performance bonus with chance to go till 30 percent
Good espp plan and 401k matching
Providing relocation
Will sponsor/transfer visa H1B quick and will start gc right away
Job is for a new team rearchitecting core piece of software for company for multi year project

Bay area, Pleasanton ca
Position: Sr software engineer
Base: 175000
RSU: 25 percent of base
Bonus for performance in options stock
No espp plan
Poor 401k match
Will transfer H1B quick but will have to wait for 1 year to file gc
Job is mostly related to spring boot , AWS

Position: staff software engineer
130k base
96k RSU vesting quarterly 1/4th yearly grant every quarter
Bonus 20 percent
Same other benefits as previous company broadcom acquired (401k,espp,etc)

I currently have 9 years of experience from Bay area

Confused which offer is good to take.

Any good opinion is appreciated


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  • Cisco
    πŸ¦™ Alpaca


    I am the Alpaca. DM me if you want to cuddle.
    πŸ¦™ Alpacamore
    170K in Austin is 350k in bay area
    Nov 15 0
  • Uber floatmeal
    Have lived in both areas. Your bass salary will go about 1.7x as far in Austin, and you won’t be paying state income tax. Real estate is more affordable. But it’s hot. Really hot.

    Also, being an immigrant in Texas is different than being one in California. CA is much, much more diverse.
    Nov 15 3
    • New VFx061
      Correction: Texas is colder in winter, hotter in summer
      Nov 15
    • Uber floatmeal
      Austin never really gets that cold. It’s not steady year round like the Bay, though.
      Nov 16
    • Google SwDK27
      Yea Pleasanton CA, bastion of diversity
      Nov 16
  • Yelp corginess
    Pleasanton isnt what you imagine California to be. Take the offer in Austin
    Nov 15 0
  • New / Mgmt Megs1105
    Austin is the new tech city. I’d go there all day over Bay Area.
    Nov 21 1
    • New VTx400
      What is so good there? Even food is shitty there
      Nov 21
  • EMC valier
    Just comparing the 3 offers, Austin one wins no-brainer. If you specifically want to be in California then it’s a different story.
    Nov 17 0
  • Google XnDw37
    Austin. you would not be disappointed πŸ˜‰
    Nov 16 0
  • New VFx061
    Looks like overall offer in Tx is better. Personally I like California more
    Nov 15 0
  • Got kids? Do you know how competitive it is to get in UC?
    Nov 16 1
    • Symantec dzch87
      No kid yet
      Nov 16
  • IBM yJHH81
    Austin is the best offer. But there are too many moving to Austin... So California... 🀯
    Nov 17 0
  • Expedia Group / Eng negotiat
    I'd say interview more in the bay area. It seems like you're only targetting 210-215k TC. In the bay area you can easily bump that to 250-300k range at non FANG.

    Austin on the other hand. You're making top bucks. Cannot really increase the salary more
    Nov 16 0
  • Lyft bhak
    New grads make more than that in CA. Sure, somewhat lower property prices in Pleasanton, but you still have ca taxes and higher col. Not to mention it's Pleasanton.
    Nov 16 0
  • New
    Uncle Xi


    Uncle Ximore
    That Pleasanton company insulted you with that bottom tier new grad TC. Tell the hiring mgr πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»
    Nov 16 0


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