Australia Health policy for Work Visa holders

HCL iSRb40
Sep 2 5 Comments

I am moving to Sydney on work visa and what to know health benefits I will and will not be getting. Also, which is the best private health insurance I can purchase and can I save on taxes if I purchase private health insurance.


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  • Roku cruella
    As is the norm on blind it all depends on TC.
    Sep 2 0
  • Google poorrich
    1. On work visa, you don’t get the public healthcare which is free for PR and citizens

    2. Best private insurance is BUPA. No doubts here. But will make you poor by 1500$ for mid range plan for a family of 4.

    3. No savings on tax as most probably your employer will offer you this over your package
    Sep 3 2
    • HCL iSRb40
      My employer is offering 85% for both public and private health insurance. 15% I have to pay while using the services
      Sep 3
    • Google poorrich
      Yeah . This will always be cheaper than buying your own.
      Sep 3
  • Microsoft moonsh0t
    Sep 2 0