Autonomous Vehicles - High Opportunity Cost?

AT&T tEwh72
May 29 2 Comments

Good read for anyone planning to invest into Lyft/Uber/autonomous vehicle business.

MIT PAPER - Autonomous Vehicles and Public Health: High Cost or High Opportunity Cost?


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  • AT&T tEwh72
    The lingering question: can the autonomous business sustain their biz model until the "electric, safe, communal" utopia comes along....
    May 29 0
  • Facebook qx
    The thesis is kind of weird because it assumes that autonomous vehicles will also be fueled by gas (public health cost) and that number of accidents wouldn’t be reduced. Also, for the opportunity cost, they assume car ownership/ridership would stay single in the future. Unless I am reading this incorrectly, I would counter argue all of these statements by saying autonomous cars will likely be electric, safer, and communal in the future.
    May 29 0