Average salary in Atlanta for 10+yoe

New XqdW52
Jun 15 10 Comments

Have 10+ yoe with python, angularjs, aws. Moved to US last year and I think I am underpaid with 76k.
Please let me know what is the approximate salary for 10+yoe.


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  • OpenDoor doit22
    Most people here will say you’re underpaid. But you might not have been underpaid.

    You said you got 10 yoe. But what exactly have you done in those 10 years? More context is needed to determine whether you’re underpaid or not. The YOE matters, I know. But 10 years doing freelance or premature engineering work are not weighted the same as 5 years working in hot tech companies.

    To be honest, the way you listed your skills as “python, angularjs, aws” seems naive. With 10 years, your skills shouldn’t be tailored to specific tech stack.

    The best way to fjnd out is to go interview and see what you are worth for.
    Jun 16 0
  • Syntel / Consultant oPdS58
    Yes, Atlanta should get you 90k with 10+ yoe
    Jun 15 3
    • New rpmzaEf
      Jun 15
    • OpenDoor atleng
      This is still stupid low. I’m nowhere near 10yoe and my TC is nearly double that.

      I’d say average is in the 100-125 range for a half-decent engineer at an okay company.
      Jun 16
    • Intel D’s🥜
      I’m HW 2 YOE with 90k in ATL.

      Put me to shame and get your 170k going
      Jun 18
  • New XqdW52
    Thank you all
    Jun 18 0
  • OpenText / Eng vdcov
    With 10+yoe at top Tech companies in Atlanta should land you at around 143k base and a TC of around 173K
    Jun 17 0
  • Netflix Nixy55
    I think that’s underpaid anywhere in the US!
    Jun 15 0
  • SolarWinds AnEngineer
    Shit... Find a remote gig!
    Jun 15 0
  • Salesforce gg12345
    Def underpaid, there's other guy at salesforce atlanta saying his tc is 170k at 8 yoe
    Jun 15 0


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