Avg SWE salary at Blizzard?

Quotient Technology eLCuoL
May 30 9 Comments

How much does the average SWE make at Blizzard with around 2-3 YOE?


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  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    500k, but 400k is converted to gold for the D3 Auction House.
    May 30 2
    • New / IT etdw86
      do you mean tc is 400k?
      May 30
    • Twitch / Biz Dev Riw948f92
      No he means 75k. The rest is called passion pay
      May 30
  • Twitch / Biz Dev Riw948f92
    Actually, think it's mostly alliance this time around cause people tend to main horde and then want a change of pace the second time around
    May 30 2
    • Wow Classic seems like enough of a change of pace. And by “change of pace” I mean a sensation similar to having your dick slammed in your car door repeatedly.
      May 30
    • Twitch / Biz Dev Riw948f92
      People at blizzard won't feel anything at that point as they have already had their dick kicked in by Bobby kotik after Mike morheim left
      May 30
  • Salesforce / Eng

    Salesforce Eng

    Modernizing Medicine, TransUnion
    Speaking of Blizzard, you guys plan on playing WoW classic? Anyone interested in starting a guild called "The guys from Blind" (horde obv) EST
    May 30 1
    • Glassdoor hdp
      Not after you rejected me for a perfectly done phone screen! Go play with yourself.
      May 30
  • EA Mk55hd
    Blizzard pay is pretty bad.
    May 31 0