Aws data scientist

Ford carsun
Jun 15 7 Comments

Anyone with interview experience for aws data scientist role? Any pointers for phone interview?


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  • Amazon gdxi4nd
    SQL, basic statistics, and probably some ML. DS at Amazon is anything from advanced Excel, ETL, visualization (Tableau, Quicksight), to ML and modeling.
    Jun 15 2
    • Ford carsun
      The phone interview is it just dive straight into tech questions or resume screen again?
      Jun 15
    • Amazon gdxi4nd
      Usually one or two behavioral questions and then rest is technical. Probably some SQL for the phone screen
      Jun 15
  • Visa


    TC 1 trillion
    rule one of AWS is have experience with AWS
    Jun 15 0
  • Nvidia ic4cc
    Do you guys know the salary for DS in Amazon ?
    Jun 15 2
    • IBM 叫爸
      Jun 15
    • Nvidia ic4cc
      Better to be a uber driver
      Jun 15