Azure compute interview

New Leetup
Mar 26 9 Comments

Hi Blind

I have an interview with Azure Compute on April 1st. Its a hiring event. I was told there would be a system design round.

What level of expertise is expected in terms of distributed systems and design?

Any tips for being successful in the interview are appreciated!

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  • Amazon HAzq58
    Don’t come to Microsoft if you are on visa. If you are a citizen forget what I said
    Mar 26 7
    • SAP


      Tata Consultancy Services
      This is not true. I just joined Msft and my perm has been initiated in 60 days that’s the official Msft rule. It’s there in internal website
      Mar 26
    • New / Eng nvrUndrEst
      But how much time you are left with h1b
      Mar 26
    • Amazon HAzq58
      Yes they may start in 60 days, but they paused perm labor market test, so your green card cannot move forward because of that, so you end up sticking there for 1-2 years
      Mar 26
    • New Acetate
      @Amazon you already made a post about this. Can you stop complaining about the same stuff on every thread and answer the question.
      Mar 27
    • Amazon HAzq58
      For example, if you have an 140 from previous employer then you can extend your h1b indefinitely. And if you are in the beginning of your 6-year h1b term. I think these two Scenarios can be considered as sufficient time in your h1b, which will be deprioritized by Microsoft in turns of when to initiate perm process.
      Mar 27
  • Intel / Eng blackpanth
    @OP, can you share what you ended up being asked? System design and LC problems?
    May 18 0