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Jun 24

What is the salary range for BIE 1 at Amazon in Europe (Germany, Munich)?

Worked for 5 years as working-student (System available almost only in Germany for students, who can work up to 20h/week, in a field which is similar to the field of their studies. It is not an internship, but kind of), working 2 full days a week --> 16h/week, 40% time-allocation of normal full-time engineer. Almost 2 years of them were at Amazon, doing Data Analysis and BI stuff, and the 3 years before working in another public limited company, in web-development. Since last year I was in one of Amazon biggest (by headcount) global BI teams, and now got an offer as a Junior Business Intelligence Engineer (L4) in another team for my first full-time position.

I have a Bachelor in Scientific-Computing from a University in Munich and speak perfectly German.

What should my expectations be like in terms of TC? Btw, my actual manager was surprised that they offered me a BIE-1 and not BIE-2 position, knowing my experience.

I think just by naming the position a "Junior" one is kind of bad start for salary negotiation. They're gonna put me on the low range I think..

The problem is, I don't find enough data online (Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.) for BI positions at Amazon in Europe (especially in Germany or Luxembourg) to have a good benchmark. I thought about taking the average salary for BIE positions in SEA or US in general, and compare Munich to Seattle in terms of cost of life (Munich is about 30% cheaper according to this link, take it down by 30%, then convert it from USD to EUR, and take it as a base for my salary negotiation.

What do you folks experienced here? And what do you think about the approach I'm thinking about.. ?

Thank you so much for any hints! LOVE!


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