Baby It's Cold Outside Ban

Salesforce :-|
Dec 4, 2018 18 Comments


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  • Apple / Eng


    On the one hand this is stupid. On the other, fuck Christmas music
    Dec 4, 20180
  • LinkedIn Zeiwkf5
    How about “Santa baby”. That is some f’d up song too
    Dec 4, 20184
    • Microsoft DOyu71
      I love that song.
      Dec 4, 2018
    • LinkedIn Zeiwkf5
      So creepy
      Dec 4, 2018
    • Microsoft DOyu71
      What's creepy is the weird Amazon ad with the singing boxes. Gives me nightmares.
      Dec 4, 2018
    • LinkedIn Zeiwkf5
      They can both be creepy
      Dec 4, 2018
  • New Uptou
    This is beyond stupid.

    The song is not about date rape at all.

    There is no alcohol in the drink, it's a joke, shes making an excuse to stay over. Like my oh my why am I doing this taboo thing? It's not because I want to, it's because I've had too much too drink (even though she hasn't) because she wants to stay over.
    Dec 5, 20181
    • New Uptou
      People that are concerned about this song have probably never heard any rap music or classic rock.
      Dec 5, 2018
  • Microsoft / EngKennyH
    This is getting out of hand. I hate this culture. We’re soon all be androgynous sexless blobs
    Dec 4, 20181
    • Microsoft DOyu71
      Speak for yourself "Pat".
      Dec 4, 2018
  • Box k1ndess
    Ban white Christmas too both songs have not aged well at all and are inappropriate in 2018
    Dec 9, 20180
  • Pandora vrjdrwbla2
    This is not a ban.

    You can still stream it or buy the MP3. You can form a band and play it on street corners. You can even buy a radio station and broadcast it non-stop. You just won't hear it on radio stations that have made the business decision not to play it.
    Dec 4, 20180
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Yeah, that song has always sounded a bit date rapey.
    Dec 4, 20180
  • Microsoft DOyu71
    Check out "I've got a present for Santa" (next line is "and he's got a big one for me").
    Dec 4, 20180
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Amazon 🍌Frenzy
      It’s a point of discussion not a question. The implied imperative / call to respond is like “discuss.”
      Dec 4, 2018
  • Cruise Automation / Eng⬆️
    So the thing about the song was back then no woman wanted to look like a slut so she made half-assed excuses to go home but she really wanted to stay so the guy helps her make excuses. (Read the history)
    Dec 11, 20180
  • Gusto Aaxgrcc
    After read the lyrics it sounds like date rape
    Dec 4, 20180
  • Oracle cracka
    Eh, Handel’s Messiah it’s not, but fun and dumb Christmas songs? Why not.
    Dec 4, 20180

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