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Background verification form

Samsung KKViaco
Dec 19, 2018

Why don’t the companies send the candidate information on job application to the background check firms directly? It’ll be better than asking the candidates to fill the separate bg check form again.


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  • ADP ffFR56
    A background check also requires a release authorization which is the form you are signing. States have laws in place around specific requirements to that release.
    Dec 19, 20181
    • Samsung KKViaco
      Yes. But they could just send the authorisation form rather than asking candidate to fill entire information such as education, employment history etc again
      Dec 19, 2018
  • New OOBDC
    Background check forms are required to be completely separate from employment applications. Both are legal docs and filling them out improperly, inaccurately or falsely is cause for denial of employment or termination of employment if employed, and the company finds out later. Take these doca seriously. Like the earlier poster said, you can embellish your resume, but applications and background check docs, no.
    Jan 80
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    If both sets of data don’t match, then they saved a step. It doesn’t cost them anything to make you fill out a form twice.
    Dec 19, 20180
  • Bose JustMeHa
    There is no law stopping u from lying on your resume
    But the application makes u sign that if you lie they can fire you without notice or any more cause . Saves them trouble
    Dec 19, 20180

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